Are the disappearable materials really biodegradable?


   In the face of increasingly serious marine pollution, countries around the world have taken measures to contain it. According to scientists, the plastic deposition rate in the ocean has increased rapidly in recent years, doubling every 15 years, and the emergence of biodegradable bioplastics seems to The endless plastic pollution indicates the direction, biodegradable garbage bags but are the materials that disappear automatically without treatment? Are they really degradable plastics?

Biodegradable shopping bags

Is bio-based plastic a biodegradable plastic?

Not necessarily! Some bio-based plastics are biodegradable plastics, and some are not.

Biobased plastics are plastics produced under the action of microorganisms based on natural substances such as starch. Biomass for biobased plastic synthesis can be derived from corn, sugar cane or cellulose.

Biodegradable plastics (Biodegradable plastics) are used under natural conditions (such as soil, sand, seawater, etc.) or under specific conditions (such as composting conditions, anaerobic digestion conditions or aqueous culture fluids), by microorganisms (such as Bacteria, molds, fungi, algae, etc., which cause degradation, biodegradable food bags and eventually completely degrade into carbon dioxide, water, methane, mineralized inorganic salts and new materials.

Is degradable energy considered biodegradable?


Plastic Degradation refers to the process of significant changes in structure and loss of performance under the influence of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, moisture, oxygen, etc.). Specifically, it can be divided into mechanical degradation, biodegradability, photodegradation, thermal oxygen degradation and photo-oxidation degradation.

Whether a certain plastic will completely biodegrade is affected by many factors, including crystallinity, additives, microorganisms, temperature, humidity, environmental pH and length of time. In the absence of conditions, many degradable plastics are not only unable to achieve complete biodegradation, biodegradable tableware but may also have a negative impact on the environment and human health. For example, Oxo-degradable plastics, under the action of additives, only break up the material and degrade into plastic particles that are invisible to the naked eye.

Can compostable plastic equal biodegradable plastic?

Not exactly equivalent, compostable plastics are a class of biodegradable plastics. Biodegradable plastics biodegradable straws also include plastics that can be biodegraded in an anaerobic manner.

Compostable Plastics refers to the mineralized inorganic salts and new biomass that can be converted into carbon dioxide, water and its elements in a certain period of time under the composting conditions by microorganisms. Heavy metal content, toxicity test, residual debris, etc. of compost should comply with the relevant standards. Compostable plastics can be further divided into industrial compost and garden compost. Biodegradable shopping bags The compostable plastics on the market are basically biodegradable plastics under industrial composting conditions.

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